Sources Associated with Folklore

It is closely related to these sciences and benefits from the methods and finding of branches such as Sociology, Antropology, Literature, Psychology, Linguistics, Theology, History, History of Religions, Art History, Geography, Medical Sciences and Law Arts.
Sciences mentioned above are the subcategories of Folklore.
a- Written sources of Folklore:
Newspapers, books, tales, articles, magazines etc…
b- Visual sources:
Television, cinema and theatres etc…
c- Oral sources:
Fairy tales, public tales, verbal tales, traditions, magics, tabus, bedtime songs, folk music, folk dances etc…
d- Religion: Rituels, Rit of passage
e- Folk Medicine: Herbal remedies.
f- Dressing style: Men and women clothes, children clothes, baby clothes.
g- Homemade Food: Variety of meals prepared by ladies for wedding, special days and in daily life.
h- Production tools: Development of irrigational tools for the sustenance of life.
i- Medical: Tools used by the modern medicine.
Folk Dances is one of 18 sub-branches of Folklore.