Edirne Kari (Ornamentation)


Edirnekâri; syncronised and unique dance of colors with flowers

Originated in periods where ornamentation required effort, Edirnekari is an art of technique, care and creativity.

Edirnekâri woodwork ornaments can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Carved Pieces
  2. Encrusted Pieces
  3. 3Paint Ornamented Pieces

This technical seperation may also be seperated depending on the usage of the pieces.

Decorative Pieces

  • Roof Ornamentations
  • Cupboard or Shelf Carvings
  • Staircase Handles

Home Furniture

  • Ground table or Tray holders
  • Turban Hangers
  • Desks and chests
  • Low reading stands and others.

Other characterisations of the pieces can be lined up in 5 articles:

  1. 1. Geometric motives are rarely used in Edirnekâri wood ornamentations.
  2. 2. Barock Style influence is strongly felt in many of the pieces.
  3. 3. Usually herbal figures such as tulip, hyacinth, carnation, flower bouquet and fruits are used, along with geometric (rounds, briges and stars) and islamic shapes.
  4. 4. In paint ornamented pieces dark gren, purple, yellow, dark brown and many other colors are used.
  5. 5. Walnut, mulberry, oak, chestnut, boxwood and linden trees are usually preferred.