Edirne Region


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Information about the Region

Folk dances in Edirne region are praceticed as women’s dances, men’s dances and mixed dances. Though the women dances are both Greeting and mixed dances, “Greeting” dances are more commonly practiced in the region and women’s dances usually include lyrics. These dances are generally accompanied by regional songs and are performed by the dancers. Men’s dances are known as Kabadayı and Kasaplar. There are also some dances practiced mixed by men. The dances practiced by men and women jointly are commonly known as “Horo” lardır. Horo which means “branch bunch tie”. Also men perform Greeting dances where women do not interfere. Regional dances are categorised “Karşılamalar” and “Horo” and usually consist of 3 parts. These are “Ağırlama(Hosting)”, “Kaldırma(Lifting)” and “Uğurlama(Farewell)” parts. Uğurlama(Farewell) part is the final. In our dances, one foot is usually lifted in the moment of drum’s hitting rythm which is the characteristic of the region dances.