Deva-i Misk ( Special Delight of Edirne)

A Taste from the Past: Deva-î Misk

This is a special delight of Edirne; Deva-i Misk means "having good smell and healthy".


An amount of sugar, cream and lemon salt is mixed together and boiled up to 140 degrees. It is then left to cool down and mixed with a skimmer. A round shaped stick is placed in the middle of the mixture and moved sideways. With this process, the yellow-colored sugar turns white after which it will be beaten with a stick to become dense.

In the next process, white part of egg is blended and pouerd into the white, solid sugar.It is also mixed with aromas, cinnamon, carnation, ginger, allspice and other similer spices, beaten again. After its color turns white and becomes solid, it will be ready for preserving.