Our foundation was founded in 2nd October 1981 in Ankara for the purpose of researching our sources of folk culture which has taken part in every stage of Turkish History for thousands of years, allowing our people to establish a strong bridge from the past to the future by processing the traditional, cultural values of our country, as well as serving the Turkish Republic in the field of folklore through the use of today’s knowledge, science and technology while paying attention to the sustenance of our basic values.

The Foundation of Edirne Presidency

AFV Edirne Presidency was founded in 1984. Starting the practices with Edirne region, our foundation expanded its practices to Silifke, Artvin and Elazığ regions in time. The foundation has attended many festivals both in the home country and abroad, represented Edirne and Turkey successfully and achieved numerous awards.

Our Practices

The Foundation’s first organization is the International Childrens’ Festival in Edirne in 1985. Children Folklore Groups from Poland and Romania attended this festival. Later in 2002 and 2003, the organization has resumed with Children Folklore Groups from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania invited to participate. The guest children, being hosted by the Turkish families, have had the opportunity to present their own culture to Turkish children while contributing to international culture exchange by learning the Turkish music, dance and culture which is considered an important step in the establishment of love and friendship among world’s children.

The Foundation has trained hundreds of dancers for the Turkish culture up to now. It has also contributed to the invitation of foreign folklore groups to our country, primarily Edirne, since the day it was founded. Under the European Union Cross Border Joint Small Project Fund 2007, the project “When The Wheel of Life Turns” has been accomplished and researches about the regional folk dances as well as the long –needed dance music records have been done allowing these materials to be presented to the use of locals along with the interested researchers. The Foundation Edirne Presidency is still continueing its practices with 80 danccers and the regions Edirne, Silifke, Artvin and Elazığ.

Through the folk dance groups founded in Ankara, Antalya, Edirne, Samsun, Bursa and Zonguldak, 8760 Turkish juveniles have been trained in the field of folklore. In this aspect, 1400 active members are still present. Archive collections consisting of rugs, copper products, socks, “çevre”, baton, womens’ accessories as well as original and local womens’ and mens’ dressings have been prepared and presented in “Anatolian Folk Arts Demonstrations” for 9 times. In different provinces and towns of our country, our Foundation’s practice called “ The Fountaion of Folklore” has been successfully accomplished 25 times through “Song and Folk Dance Festivals from Anatolia” .

Our Mission

The Anatolian Folklore Foundation is the only foundation about folkloric cultıre in our country. In this concept, our practices resume with greater intensity and responsibility.

Presenting our folk culture to our people through the most scientific and correct manner is our main objective.