Silifke Region


Silifke Region Dances Photo Gallery

Situated in İçel province, Silifke is included in the regions of Kaşık Oyunları(Spoon Dances). Almost all the dances of Silifke are performed with spoons. The initial investigations concerning the Folk dances of 30 – 40 years ago suppose that bilateral double lined greeting dances did not exist before though recently, such performances can be seen. Most of the dances are accompanied by Drum, Clarnette and Violin.In some occasions, small drums, bottles and cups are also used as rythm instruments. In Kırtıl village region, cornered drums are also in use. A solist, a spoon holder and a singer are present in the music group since most dances are performed along with songs. It is also determined that Silifke dances were accompanied by ıklığ, bağlama, kaval and zilli maşa instruments. During spoon dances, the performers use their spoons as a rythm instrument as well. This is the reason why they are called spoon dances. Regions of Konya, İçel and Kırşehir are called spoon dances regions.
Today Silifke dances are among the most revered, enjoyed and performed dances of the country. Some of Silifke spoon dances are as follows: Silifke’nin Yoğurdu, Sallama, Türkmen Kızı, Ger Ali, Keklik, Tek Zeybek, Portakal Zeybeği, Yayla yolları, Zeytin Dalı zeybeği, Yayla yolları.