Trabzon Region


Trabzon is the most densely populated and flourishing city in Northern Black Sea Region. It is included in Horon Regions in terms of folk dances. Among a number of dances with minor discrepancies and distinctive names, Horon is the most common.

The distinctive instrument in Northern Black Sea region dances is called “Kemençe”. However, Horon dances are performed outdoors such as village centre accompanied by “Cura, Drums and Clarion”. Some Horon dances are accompanied by local songs in which dancers cling to each others with a disciplined line. Women continue dances with rhythm instruments like tambourine and noggins. Today, these instruments are not so widely used.

Horon dance is performed outdoors, usually in weddings and celebrations, with 20-30 people clinging to each other to form a circle. Kemençe artist situated inside the circle also commands the dancers.

Horon dances are performed very quickly and dynamically. Some of the most enjoyed dances are named as follows: Horon Kurma, Sıksara, Kozan Gel, Eşkıya Horonu, Bıçak Oyunu, Hissa, Sis Dağı, Shakings and Greetings are all together like a cocktail, forming into a legacy of folk dances special to The Black sea coastal line villages, towns and cities

The regional dances may be performed by a unisex party or in separate groups. It is said that the figures of the dances are inspired by the waves of the Black Sea, the movements of the anchovy fish when hunted as well as the abundantly produced corn’s moves under the strong force of the regional winds. But the weather conditions in Eastern Black Sea region are very harsh, which surely leaves its reflection on the folk dances of the region.

Dances We Perform in Trabzon Region;

  1. Horon Kurma
  2. Atlama
  3. Ağasar Sallaması
  4. Düz Horon
  5. Sürmene Sallaması
  6. Yenlik
  7. Sıksara