Introduction of Edirne

A boon for travellers, Edirne is a fairy tale presenting unique evidence of its glorious history... It is a “singing legend” that adds value to courage and a “wandering treause” with its natural beauties embracing the rivers in its brace...

More than just a city

Adding a deeper meaning to the lines of poems, being the subject of many boks, serving as the house of Ottoman dynasty, the old capital city of Edirne composes a combination of unique historical heritage carrying the signs of 3 empires along with its special natural beauty, cultural diversity and historical heritage. All harnessed together, Edirne stands out to be beyond just a city, offering an everlasting experience to the visitors.
Molding its “traditional” values with a “western” lifestyle, Edirne’s society preserves the interest and variety of the region, transfers them to the future generations and presents its hospitality with a sincerety and smiling faces to its guests.

A unique"Open Space Museum"

In its glorious history, Edirne carries the signs of the dynasty while proving its greatness with minarets soaring up the sky. The city is a living evidence of unity symbolised by the brigdes entangling the two sides of rivers, an example of selflessness standing out in its social structures, challenging the centuries with eternal hospitality in its ancient, proudstanding CaravanSarai...

Edirne, breaking out of its shell

Losing its status as capital city after the conquest of İstanbul yet preserving its importance through the geographic position, historical and cultural heritage; successfully retaining its power despite great fires and earthquakes; enduring unsurmontable challenges and suffering under the Russian, Bulgarian and Greek invasions yet taking its glorious place in the history through unyielding resistance and bravery, today’s Edirne is on the path of becoming the “cultural capital” empowered by the local administration, non-governmental organisations harnessed with the sensitive approach of its denizens.